Canada Programs

Founder and Executive Director
Adrian Johansson

Board of Directors, Canada
Stuart Miller, Superintendent of Education
Alice Johansson, Director of Operations
Jim Cannovan,
Siamac Kavianpour, Technical Director

- Toronto
Contact: Adrian Johansson

Contact: Siamac Kavianpour


Personal mentor

Everyone in the program is assigned a personal mentor who closely follows their development.

Life class

Life Class is a weekly meeting of FFA members in which teaching on, and discussion of, all the 4 core areas of FFA takes place. Involving interactive games and team-building exercises, assigned homework reading and through a teaching and discussion format we examine issues particularly relating to the character of the players. Although the contextual setting of the classes is football and the career aspirations of the players, one of the Life Class mottos is: ”Building successful human beings and not simply successful footballers.” 


Weekly practices and scheduled games


The participants continue their studies and receive help to advance.

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