Mentoring with FFA Global

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is providing the opportunity for a young person to be involved in a positive relationship. The mentoring role provides young people with the support, guidance and companionship that they are often searching for. FFA Global aims to match mentors with young people based on personality, hobbies, interests and life experience.

The mentoring relationship will look different for each pair. Some young people may choose to use it as a space to have fun, try new activities and take a break from their every day situations. Some may use it as an opportunity to draw from experience and wisdom of someone older, and others may use it as a chance to learn practical skills at home or school so that they can take a step towards independence.

However the young person chooses to use the space, the idea is that they will become equipped so that they can have the opportunity to develop socially, academically and existentially and reach their potential. 

What is the commitment?

Mentoring with FFA Global means to meet with a young person throughout the duration of a football season. The minimum expectation and commitment for a mentor is to be available at least one time per week (where possible) to meet for at least one hour. There is no maximum of how regularly mentors and young people can meet, however, expectations and guidelines can be discussed with local FFA Global programme leaders and the young person. 

Who can mentor?

Mentors can be almost anyone. People from all walks of life with a variety of backgrounds and upbringings give the FFA Global mentoring programme a wealth of diversity. These different experiences, personalities and styles ensure that we can match the needs of the young people that we work with. Before acceptance, prospective mentors must attend a one day training session and complete a Police check. 

Who are the young people?

The young people that we provide mentors for are part of the FFA Global programme. The mentoring support allows the young person to develop in social skills, academic achievements, athletic progression and existential growth. These are things that young people in society today often struggle with. Any young people who are part of the FFA Global programme are in it because they have either approached us, or been approached so that they can access a wider package of support. The young people could be from any type of background, with experience of a whole range of issues and difficulties, or may simply be struggling in one specific area of life. The one thing they all have in common – a love of football! 

I want to mentor…what next?

If you feel like you have what it takes to become a mentor, please contact your local FFA Global co-ordinator – details can be found on the leader page of the website.. They will be able to assist you with the next steps, and direct you towards the next training session.  In the training, delegates will delve deeper in to the concept of mentoring, mentoring skills, exploring a wide range of issues, understanding how to measure the effectiveness of mentoring and much more.

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