What is FFA Global?

FFA Global – Football for All - works through sports and engages young people from under-resourced communities, placing them in programs that challenge and motivate them to develop to their fullest potential; athletically, socially, academically and spiritually.

Who are we?

FFA Global was created out of a vision held by professional football enthusiasts. The shared conviction is that it is possible to make a positive difference in the lives of at-risk young people by creating new opportunities and exciting challenges, through football.

The experience of the founders of FFA Global, as professional football players and coaches, is that at-risk youth are overlooked, neglected and their talent rarely recognized both on and off the football field. They are not given the chance to develop their full potential in life. This is mainly due to socio-economic factors such as financial hardship, environments that negatively influence them and a lack of family and peer support networks.

What is our goal?

To create opportunities for at-risk youth to enter programs that will provide them with the coaching and care needed to develop in four core areas:
- Athletic
- Academic
- Social
- Spiritual

 How do we operate?

  • • FFA Global works with young people between the ages of 13 – 18 years.
  • • FFA Global works in collaborative agreements with established sports organizations and clubs and other social agencies. FFA Global is not a sports club in its own right.
  • • FFA Global’s cooperation with churches complements and strengthens FFA Global’s effectiveness and professionalism in its four core areas. FFA Global operates in accordance with the Salvation Army’s ethical guidelines for children and youth, “In Safe Hands” (Sweden).

What are the benefits of FFA Global?

The FFA Global program motivates young people to develop within all of the four core areas, providing them with the skills and tools needed to grow above and beyond the negative influences in their lives and develop their full potential. FFA Global provides skills, experience and expertise; creates international partnerships and opens doors to collaboration and coordination.

FFA Global Board of Directors
Adrian Johansson, Founder and Executive Director
Alice Johansson, Director of Operations
Major Kjell Karlsten
Major Ann-Christine Karlsten
Lt Colonel David Bowles (acting)

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